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Valentines Day


Wednesday, Feb 14th (couples only!)



Free reservations, but a $10 donation per person is requested for charity at event

JK Rowling and Warner Bros Entertainment are not responsible for this event

Sorry...Tickets for Our Events Are Currently SOLD OUT

(But Tickets for our Final Event ... are coming soon!)

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If you haven’t guessed already, we LOVE making the magic come to life for people.


So, here’s the deal. This Valentines night is all about celebrating that someone special in your life. If you have a romantic idea for your special someone that you would like us to help you pull off at our event (within reason), tell us about it! Believe it or not, Professor Snape (in real life Soulaire Allerai, the mastermind behind this whole Harry-Potter themed masterpiece) happens to be an ordained minister and is willing to perform a limited number of wedding ceremonies, or vow renewals (for those who are already hitched)!


The magic of this night… is entirely up to you. What could be more fun? (Maybe even a surprise proposal?)


Of course, we do have limitations we have to work within (for example, no food or beverages can be served in our building). While we cannot promise to be able to make every Valentine dream come true, we are committed to making this night magical.



If you’ve got a romantic idea for your special someone that you would like us to help you pull off at our event, email by THIS Wednesday, February 7th.


Tickets for this event on February 14th have not yet been announced or released because we are still working out the details. Be sure you’re on our email list to be notified as soon as they do! 


This is a fundraising charity event for a local non-profit, and we are hoping you will help us pay the magic forward! We believe everyone should be able to experience the magic, which is why we are not charging an admission fee. However, donations are appreciated and welcome (suggested minimum donation is $10/person). 100% of all donations will be given to LFSC, a tax-deductible non-profit working to raise money for some awesome causes including efforts for helping the homeless in the Twin Cities and supporting the arts. 

help fill our local food shelves (with what they are truly needing)!

We're running drive at this event to help fill our local ICA food shelf, so be sure to bring along your non-perishables! For a list of specific items they are in need of click here. Look for the labeled bins on the first floor of the building where our volunteers will gladly accept donations.


What started out as a Harry-Potter themed graduation party, became so much more than Soulaire Allerai ever imagined.  She wanted to surprise her superfan daughter and immerse her in the world of Harry Potter. So she decided to transform her two-story wellness center into a wizarding world. The project was a huge undertaking (and grew), so she ensured the help of 30 of her closest friends to help her pull it off. And boy, did they pull it off. 

"This was a true labor of love, and we're honored to be able to share it with everyone"

IMG_4479 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4096 - Amiel Allerai_edited_edited
IMG_4477 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4464 - Amiel Allerai
55B8E1F9-5725-4C4B-A8AD-B353F01224DD - Casia Casia
IMG_4463 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4461 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4458 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4294 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4359 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4460 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4256 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4100 - Amiel Allerai
6A4F6F42-C3E6-4D69-9571-DC26A083212A - Askia Luminae
IMG_4201 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4258 - Amiel Allerai

We will be tweeting ticket availability if there are any cancellations.

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Yes, you heard it right. This is every Harry Potter fan's dream come true. Step into a recreation of the Harry Potter world and get a character-guided interactive tour through Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express, Hogwarts Castle and more. This fundraising event is family friendly with magical interactions, costumed characters, games, trivia and more!

Tours fill up fast, so be sure to reserve your tickets!



Is this a free event?


This is a fundraising event for LFSC, a local non-profit who hopes to be able to raise money for multiple projects this holiday season. We do not charge money for making reservations so that we don't exclude anyone from being able to experience the magic who truly cannot afford it. However, we do ask that people help pay it forward so we can continue sharing the magic. A suggested minimum donation is $10.00 per person


Yes, every person requires a ticket reservation to attend any of our events. We do this to try to make it fair for everyone, due to our space limitations. 



Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?


All ages can attend, however, it is best enjoyed by children over the age of 6. If you are under 18 years old, you must be accompanied by an Adult Chaperone. 



We encourage you to come in your Hogwarts or Muggle costume. Please bring non-perishables for our food drive (look for the labeled bins!) This is a family-friendly event, therefore appropriate and non-offensive attire must be worn. No Large Bags or Backpacks. No Alcohol or Tobacco allowed anywhere on the premise. 


how can i contact the organizer?

You can email us at or contact us on Facebook:


Yes, I'd like to stay in touch!

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