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our magic for good events were a blast!


A big thank you to everyone who helped support our project. We really couldn't have done it without you all.  

We never imagined our story being featured in the Star Tribune would create such a stir! Thousands of you showed up, spending many hours at our doors, or months by your computers to snag a set of tickets. The one consistent message we heard from all of you was, "It was worth the wait.” It was truly amazing the distances you traveled, the snowstorms you drove through, or the cold you toughed it out through. A very big thank you to all the new friends we have made.


The truth is, it got bigger than we ever expected. Way bigger. 


But thanks to a committed team of 36 volunteers (and some serious magic), we managed to pull it off. Night after night we ran tours, made repairs, and many times worked into the wee hours of the morning. Why? Because we truly believe in the causes we are supporting, and we desired to share the magic with you.


It became something that brought a community together.


We received dozens of thank you letters telling us how Magic for Good gave people hope, gave single fathers the ability to share some magic with their kids, grandparents special moments to share with their grandchildren or even teenagers telling us they feel inspired to do art again. We were able to rally as a community of people and donate thousands of pounds of food to our local food shelves, make blankets for the homeless and support LFSC  in the work they are doing to support many local programs.  

The truth is we couldn't have asked for a more amazing group of people to meet and share this magical project with. We were sad to say goodbye to it, too. 

send your owl to help hogwarts in minnetonka come back this fall

We keep hearing:


We don’t want it to go away."


"Will you be bringing Hogwarts back?"


As many of you know, this wasn't originally created for the public. Everything is made of cardboard, Styrofoam, pool noodles (and anything else the creators of this could get their hands on.) The wear and tear from having thousands of people come through has been brutal, and storing, repairs, and preserving the hard work and artwork is proving to be more difficult than planned. 


So- we’re looking for owls to tell us, “yea” or “nay” before we commit to rebuilding and creating new things for next Fall.


Your vote matters.  


If you would like to see the Hogwarts magic return this fall:




IMG_4479 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4096 - Amiel Allerai_edited_edited
IMG_4477 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4464 - Amiel Allerai
55B8E1F9-5725-4C4B-A8AD-B353F01224DD - Casia Casia
IMG_4463 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4461 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4458 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4294 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4359 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4460 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4256 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4100 - Amiel Allerai
6A4F6F42-C3E6-4D69-9571-DC26A083212A - Askia Luminae
IMG_4201 - Amiel Allerai
IMG_4258 - Amiel Allerai


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